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Let's celebrate our differences

There is nothing that touches Nandisa more than authenticity. It's what truly moves her, no matter how big or small the story is. Being an intuitive and imaginative soul, there is no better way than following her heart to be able to tell to tell stories that are genuine and true.

Nandisa's projects revolve around exploring a wide range of subjects, weaving together narratives of queerness, mixed identities, and the complex dynamics of society. Her passion lies in breaking down barriers and fostering connections through her work. She's dedicated to building bridges that unite a diversity of individuals, crafting stories that resonate with everyone, fostering understanding and unity.


Nandisa places immense importance on diversity and inclusion, striving to create narratives that embrace and celebrate a wide array of perspectives. Additionally, she incorporates meaningful symbolism that holds personal significance, evoking a sense of nostalgia and emotional connection in her work.


picture by Anton Fayle

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